240th CSC wins IMCOM Softball Tournament

The mighty Spartans of the 240th Composite Supply Company – 240th CSC, 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, did it again! After finishing second place in the Baumholder Softball tournament, the Spartans had only one mission in sight — win it all at the IMCOM Softball tournament. Despite the odds, with several crucial players unable to attend, the mighty Spartans managed to win it all in a grueling competition comprised of 11 teams considered the best in Europe. This is no easy feat, the other teams were comprised of well-trained Soldiers in the best physical shape — and they brought forward the challenge. The Spartans of the 240th CSC brought their A-game and were victorious. Tournaments and events like this allow members of a unit to come together and overcome incredible odds as a team. It builds camaraderie with in the unit and allows for future operations and missions to be conducted at a higher tier due to the trust and bonds between those involved.