25 things I believe

Col. Kurt Lohide
435th Air Base Wing commander

***image1***I am excited and humbled about the opportunity to command the outstanding men and women of the 435th Air Base Wing. During my tenure I look forward to carrying on the great work started by my predecessor, Brig. Gen. Rosanne Bailey.

Our wing’s mission goal is quite simple: to provide world class support to our customers throughout the KMC. As a major subset of this mission, the 435th ABW will be a key enabler of U.S. Air Forces Europe Combat and Special Interest programs.

As I said at my change of command, I seldom find it useful to talk about myself. That said, I do feel it is important for a new commander to detail his basic operating principals. Outlined below are those personal beliefs that I listed in my change of command speech. These beliefs will guide my actions during my command tenure.

I believe disagreement is not disrespect, but everybody needs to be on board once a decision is made.

I believe if you’re not working your boss’ agenda, you’re working the wrong agenda.

I believe leadership by e-mail isn’t leadership.

I believe it’s better to go through life spring loaded to the “yes” position than the “no” position.

I believe base appearance is a litmus test for excellence.

I believe the appearance of an impropriety is an impropriety.

I believe that if you’re in the Air Force, then every Air Force problem is your problem.

I believe if you walk by a problem then you’re part of the problem.

I believe you need to think in terms of we, us, and ours, not I, me, and mine.

I believe you can’t be a good wingman if you’re not physically fit.

I believe you should never bring your boss a problem unless you also bring a solution.

I believe 90 percent of all problems can be solved with leadership and the other 10 percent can be solved with hard work.

I believe leadership is an analog skill.

I believe anything of importance can be written on one page.

I believe our current ops tempo isn’t a surge, it’s the new steady state.

I believe I can make mistakes.

I believe you are never as good as you think you are.

I believe sometimes the solution is simply you have to work harder.

I believe our new Airmen and officers are better today than they were when I was young.

I believe we are not a one-mistake Air Force, but we are a one-crime Air Force.

I believe you should treat everyone with dignity and respect unless their actions dictate otherwise.

I believe our Air Force senior leaders care more about our Airmen’s welfare than they do their own.

I believe we’re winning the Global War on Terrorism.

I believe my two most important titles will always be husband and father.

I believe God has blessed America.