Commander’s Action Line

***image1***Issue:</b i noticed several cars on the for sale lot damagedResponse:
I appreciate your concern for the law and the protection of personal property. First, I would like to say it’s very unfortunate these incidents occurred. After reviewing our records, we have not seen a trend of German vehicles being singled out for damage. However, we do appreciate this incident being brought to our attention. Security forces routinely patrol the vehicle lot in order to deter any such illegal activity. When security forces receive a call regarding damage to property they answer each call and take necessary actions whether it be responding to the scene or taking statements at a police services desk. If you are able to provide our office with the location, date and time when this incident was reported, we will be better able to confirm appropriate actions were taken. Based on your reporting, security forces will increase their patrol coverage in this area.

Please keep in mind the first step in assisting us with investigating a crime is timely notification that a crime has taken place. If you see damage to property or suspicious activity in the KMC, please contact the Ramstein Police Services Desk at 480-2050 or 480-2366 or the Vogelweh Police Services Desk at 489-6060 or 489-7070 or visit either of these locations to make a written statement.