34 Soldiers inducted as NCOs

Angelika Lantz
21st Theater Support Command

***image1***It was an affirmation of leadership when 34 sergeants
from the 21st Theater Support Command’s troop support battalion were
inducted into the NCO corps at the Kleber Theater April 27.  

to First Sgt. Tony Rucks, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 200th
Materiel Management Center, while the tradition commemorating the
passing of Soldiers to noncommissioned officers dates back to the
beginning of the Army, it remains timeless and vital.

“This is a
significant event in the life of each NCO, a rite of passage and one of
the most important traditions the NCO Corps maintains,” said First Sgt.
Rucks. “To get to this point where you deserve to be inducted, you have
undergone a lot of training, and you have become a leader.”

speaker Sgt. Maj. Clifton Lewis, 21st TSC operations and plans, agreed.
Referring to the inductees as tomorrow’s leaders, he emphasized the
significance of mentorship and NCO leadership, stressing that their
profession isn’t a nine to five type job, but more likely a five to
nine – meaning a full-fledged commitment. He further emphasized his
belief in the magnitude of that professional commitment.

the mission and take care of the Soldiers who will be entrusted to your
care,” he said. “NCOs do make it happen, and I charge you to make it
happen, everyday.”

“These are big shoes to fill, and I look
forward to doing it,” said newly inducted Sgt. Misty Laketusing, an
aide in the 21st TSC’s command sergeant major’s office. “I will be in a
position to take care of Soldiers, and I will give it my best.”