Commander’s Action Line

Q:Can you please let us know how much we are
supposed to tip the baggers at the commissary? Yesterday I gave the
bagger her tip and she looked at it like I was handing her a dirty
sock. Seeing her expression, I asked if that was okay and she told me
that no, it wasn’t because she only works for tips. I don’t like the
idea of having someone take my groceries out in the first place, but if
we must, then I would like a guideline for how much to tip. What about
just including it in the bill and that way we don’t have to worry about
whether or not we have cash on hand to tip with and then the baggers
won’t be disappointed by their tip.

baggers is purely voluntary as is using baggers to move groceries out
of the commissary. If patrons do not wish to use them, they should
simply inform the cashier or bagger at checkout that they will take the
groceries themselves. At no time should a bagger indicate they are
unhappy with offered tips. Baggers are not Defense Commissary Agency
employees; rather, they are independent contractors authorized by the
installation commander. For situations requiring assistance, each shift
has a lead bagger on aisle one or two who can assist patrons. There are
no established, official guidelines on the amount to tip a bagger.
However, some people tip 25 cents a bag and then factor in weather
conditions, helpfulness and personality of the bagger. In the end, it
is at the patron’s discretion to tip for the amount and quality of
bagging service provided.