735th CES receives adopt-an-area award

The 735th Civil Engineer Squadron was the winner of the Installation Adopt-an-Area Award for October to December 2005. The award was given for the upkeep and work servicemembers of the 735th CES did in transforming three adoption areas within Donnelly Park including the overgrown play areas and making a professional and children-friendly environment. This large clean-up area involved the efforts of 40 to 50 CES team members who volunteer time to make Donnelly Park a better environment for the whole Team Ramstein community.

Critical team players who led crews and helped facilitate the cleanup efforts included Senior Master Sgts. Mark Isaman and Michael Jenks, Tech. Sgts. Joseph York, Sergio Guzman, Matthew Sukup, Cecil Jones, and Staff Sgts. Jarrod Cole and Chad Schrage.  

“I’m extremely proud of the efforts and accomplishments of the 735th CES team in revitalizing Donnelly Park to make it a safer, cleaner ballpark and play area for our community,” said Lt. Col. Deborah McMurtrey, 735th CES commander.

Some of the 735th CES efforts in the October to December timeframe consisted of:
• Raked entire site for leaves and debris, removing more than 60 garbage bags of debris
• Removed grass in sidewalks and around soccer field track
• Weeded and  cleared overgrown plants in bark-bedded areas
• Trimmed trees and shrubs
• Removed and thinned shrubbery throughout
• Swept matted playground area
• Replaced and repaired damaged pelican toddler rocker; replaced two swing sets

“Ramstein is continuing to ratchet up its efforts to ensure Installation Excellence becomes an inherent part of everyone’s day-to-day activities,” said Colonel McMurtrey.

Last year, Ramstein was the recipient of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe 2005 Best Large Base Appearance Award, USAFE Installation Excellence Award and is now a finalist for the Commander-in-Chief’s Installation Excellence Award.

“These accomplishments recognize the effort by everyone on Team Ramstein despite the high ops tempo, extensive deployments and massive construction projects across the base,” said Colonel McMurtrey.

***image1***The Installation Excellence “Adopt-an-Area” program was created in the fall of 2005 to ensure several common areas on base would benefit from some assistance. These common areas are well away from the 100 feet of facility management responsibility for maintenance and they are areas the entire base populace uses. The 26 areas of responsibility include Ramstein Northside Chapel grounds, Donnelly Park, running trails, base lake recreation area, ball fields (southside ball fields and high school ball fields), wooded areas, and grounds around several housing facilities.

Currently, 13 units and/or private organizations have signed up and adopted areas.  There are still several areas up for adoption. The goal is for the “owning” organization to spend at least one day a month on the adopted area in an effort to pick up litter; weeding, gardening, sweeping sidewalks and raking.  

Every quarter, during base clean-up day, each group should engage to do any additional or major clean-ups of their area. For more information, call Staff Sgt. Allyson McCord, 735th CES customer service representative, at 480-6573.  (Courtesy of 735th Civil Engineer Squadron)