Principals meet, discuss school climate, leadership

Sharon Emerling, Story and photo
Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School teacher

Kaiserslautern District principals recently met to discuss school climate and leadership.

The Jan. 30 meeting, at Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School, was the first district-wide principals’ meeting held in a school, which allowed the visitors a chance to tour the school and visit classrooms.

***image1***“Our focus at today’s meeting was school climate, and how a positive school climate encourages high student achievement at every grade level,” said Lawanna Mangleburg, Kaiserslautern District Superintendent. “It is wonderful to see teachers working so closely with parents and students.”

School principals heard from students and parents on the topic of school climate. Parents said they felt good about the large LEMS parent-teacher organization and students said they felt good about their teachers and their school size.
“We have really good teachers, and we learn a lot,” said fourth-grader Elizabeth Bridges.

“The school is small enough that everyone knows everyone else,” said eighth-grader John Lesinski. “In other schools, you sometimes never even get to know the other teachers. Here, you know all the kids, even if they aren’t in your grade. I like that.”