7th CSC officer awarded Order of Military Medical Merit

by 7th Civil Support Command Public Affairs

Maj. Thomas W. Hrabal, a medical operations officer with the 7th Civil Support Command, was awarded the Order of Military Medical Merit during the 7th CSC Military Ball Feb. 4 in Kaiserslautern for outstanding leadership within the Medical Service Corps and having served with absolute distinction over the past 17 years.

Among many achievements during his career as a medical services officer, Hrabal developed a plan in collaboration with the commander of the Europe Regional Dental Command and the USARC dental surgeon that allowed Army Reserve Soldiers assigned to the 7th CSC, who may not be on orders for more than 30 days, access to the U.S. military’s dental facilities in Europe for the purpose of receiving an annual dental exam. 

Membership in the order denotes distinguished service, which is recognized by AMEDD senior leadership. Membership in the order also recognizes those individuals who have clearly demonstrated the highest standards of integrity and moral character, displayed an outstanding degree of professional competence, served in the Army Medical Department with selflessness, and have made a sustained contribution to the betterment of Army medicine.