86th Airlift Wing vice says ‘farewell’

Col. Glen Apgar
Outgoing 86th AW vice commander

***image1***Team Ramstein – thank you for what you do everyday. Ramstein Air Base is an amazing place, and amazing things happen here on a daily basis … things that are often times taken for granted, but that could really be characterized as nothing short of miracles. As my time at Ramstein draws to a close, it provides an opportunity to reflect. 

My family and I have been at Ramstein for the last six years (minus one year downrange). Ever since our arrival in July 2001, we have been in awe of what you do. We were living in TLF Sept. 11, 2001,  when our nation was attacked.  Overnight, Ramstein took center stage. You were critical to Operation Enduring Freedom, moving huge amounts of supplies and people to the fight, and running the history-making humanitarian food drop missions over Afghanistan. Shortly after that, you were critical to Operation Iraqi Freedom, again moving huge amounts of supplies and people to the fight. You enabled  and participated in the airdrop into northern Iraq, which opened the “Northern Front.” While I was downrange, I noticed Ramstein Airmen were head-and-shoulders above the rest, in war readiness and mission execution. Today, you boast that you are the official “Gateway of Europe” and you were recognized as the best installation in the Air Force. You have a complete, new airfield with a capability like no other airfield, and facilities that are second to none.  Everyday you support countless distinguished visitors and provide critical care to our nation’s wounded. This is just a small example of what you do everyday.

You have proved yourself time and again with outstanding evaluations and inspections and have touched almost every corner of the globe, establishing and operating airfields, and executing the mission. Be proud of what you do. It has been an honor, and we are humbled to have served with you.  Thanks.