A cruise through Culinary Arts class

Tiffany Pristelski
RAHS English Department

***image1***At Ramstein American High School the culinary arts final was a tasty treat.

Students prepared Mediterranean, French and South American cuisine for their final exam in Culinary Arts.

The objective was to serve a sophisticated meal equivalent to a five-star restaurant. Their preparations included parsley rice, lamb and beef kabobs, Portuguese style potatoes, Gazpacho, Shrimp Cilantro, Cocada Pudding and more.

The student servers were clad in black shirts and ties, suits for the hosts and hostesses and white chef hats and jackets for the culinary connoisseurs.

Students enjoyed cooking and learning etiquette that accompanies the restaurant business. They were able to greet designated visitors from the community, who were impressed.

Kathryn Forystek, assistant superintendent for the Kaiserslautern District, said in a thank-you letter to students: “I have had the opportunity to sample several of your meals over the last two years and I must say this one pretty much took the cake, as you might say in the food business.”

Dr. Peggy-Hoffman Schmidt said, “Your students did a magnificent job in every way, from ‘diner treatment’ to delectable treats. Your Culinary Arts class is doing  outstanding work preparing young people for the world of working in the finest restaurants.”

Another guest, Tech. Sgt Thomas Thorpe, wrote: “The time, the environment and food that was catered to us on Jan. 25 was top notch.”

Mira Battista, the experienced educator, usually receives full customer satisfaction. Most often when a person passes her classroom or takes a bite of food her students have prepared, he or she gleams with taste-bud pleasure. She praises her students and they are eager to learn.

“I asked students to complete (Department of Defense Education Activity) standards in three outlined strands consisting of communication skills, leadership and teamwork skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills,” said Mrs. Battista.

During final exam week students are usually stressed and studying.

Nevertheless, one culinary arts student smiled with the reply: “I’m happy; my favorite part this week has been cooking and preparing the food,” said student Jeremy Cowardin.