A new twist on an old edition

by Spc. Adrienne Killingsworth
18th Military Police Brigade Public Affairs

18th Military Police Brigade Public Affairs
MANNHEIM, Germany — Soldiers from the 18th Military Police Brigade and their families gathered for dinner July 25 in Hemsbach, Germany, to participate in the Army’s time-honored tradition of the Hail and Farewell.

The Hail and Farewell is typically conducted as a dinner welcoming those individuals who have been newly assigned to a unit and officially saying goodbye to those departing.

While the Soldiers and families of the 18th MP Brigade certainly did those things during their dinner, Col. Thomas P. Evans, 18th Military Police Brigade commander, added a new element to the dinner.

This Hail and Farewell was not held at a local restaurant like in the past. Instead, it was held at the Oasis Badminton Courts in Hemsbach.

The running theme for the night was fun and color, and with a dress code of Hawaiian shirts and shorts, the night was indeed a fun, colorful evening.
After recognizing the accomplishments of the senior leaders who would be departing the unit and warmly welcoming those stepping into the brigade, Colonel Evans showed his competitive spirit by unveiling his bag of gear for his reign that he dubbed the “challenge court.”

In a style befitting his personality, the brigade commander challenged those coming into the unit and those leaving to a game of badminton on the challenge court.
Colonel Evans’ unveiling of his team’s personalized team shirts, sweatbands and rackets garnered a big laugh from those gathered and ensured that this very unique Hail and Farewell would be hard to match.