Court martial

Compiled by Military Justice paralegals

Staff Sgt. Ronald F. Brown Jr., a member of the 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron at Vogelweh and assigned to the U.S. Army Corrections Facility – Europe in Mannheim, was tried by a panel of officer and enlisted members at a special court martial July 20 to 22 in the Ramstein courtroom.

Sergeant Brown was found guilty of wrongful use and larceny of Hydrocodone pills, a Schedule III controlled substance, on more than one occasion. Hydrocodone is commonly known as Vicodin. Sergeant Brown was sentenced to 60 days hard labor without confinement, reduction to E-4 and a reprimand.

Between December and January, Sergeant Brown stole Hydrocodone pills from the medicine cabinet of a friend and fellow co-worker’s home. The pills were prescribed to his co-worker’s wife. 

During testimony, the victims stated they caught Sergeant Brown stealing 11 pills, who then admitted to stealing them for the past month and a half.  There were approximately 55 Hydrocodone pills missing.

On July 17, Airman Justin O. Illing, 86th Medical Support Squadron, pleaded guilty and was subsequently convicted in a summary court martial for multiple failures to go to his appointed place of duty, disrespect toward an NCO, dereliction of duty and being incapacitated for the proper performance of his duties as a result of previous overindulgence in intoxicating liquor in violation of Articles 86, 91, 92 and 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Airman Illing was sentenced to confinement for 30 days and reduction to the grade of E-1.