A4 partners with hockey team

by Larry Taylor
Army-Airforce-Adler Alliance

The Army-Airforce-Adler Alliance, or A4, has partnered with the Adler Mannheim professional hockey team for the current 2010/2011 season.

A4 is a non-profit news and information site designed for hockey fans and enthusiasts serving in Germany. Initially created as a local community resource, A4 has taken on a much greater role and is now considered the place to go for both military and Adler hockey news. Teams throughout Germany utilize A4 as a means to recruit and share information about their community hockey teams. For those interested in professional hockey, A4 offers an inside look at one of Germany’s top professional hockey teams — the Adler Mannheim.

Ken Robinson and Andy Hedlund formed A4 during the 2009/2010 season. Mr. Robinson, a Department of Defense Dependents Schools teacher at Kaiserslautern High School and current DPL league president, teamed up with Adler defenseman Mr. Hedlund in an effort to provide complementary hockey tickets to military members. Mr. Hedlund, wanting to help the military community, asked his fellow teammates to give up their personal game tickets so they could be provided to military members. Mr. Robinson then distributed them through military channels.

Mr. Hedlund did not return to the Adler for the current season and Mr. Robinson had to find other means to promote professional hockey in the region. Mr. Robinson then met with Adler Managing Director Mattias Binder. Together they formed an alliance designed to stimulate hockey interests for the surrounding military communities. Complementary tickets, access to players and use of the Adler media became part of the alliance.

Complementary tickets are available only to registered members. Membership is currently limited to active duty, contractors and Department of Defense civilians — a valid military e-mail address is required. Registrants can then choose to become a member of one of A4’s five independent A4 chapters (Mannheim, Heidelberg, Wiesbaden, KMC and Bayern). Each chapter serves as its own independent Adler fan club and meets regularly to discuss upcoming games and events.

For more information about A4, visit www.adleralliance.com or e-mail info@