Military Matters

Safety Corner
Slow down. It is better to arrive late to your destination than not at all. — 86th Airlift Wing Safety, 480-7233.

In preparation for the upcoming renovation and expansion of the  Ramstein Commissary, the district heat contractor will be upgrading the main connection to the commissary building and installing valves to isolate the district heat line that runs under the north parking lot starting Monday.

Since the parking lot is a popular student drop-off area for the surrounding schools, extra care will be taken to minimize and enclose the construction lay-down area. Parents may still use this as a drop-off area, but the pedestrian gate leading to Ramstein Elementary School will be blocked. The heating will be cut off to the commissary, adjacent school buildings, fire station, Nightingale Theater, former base exchange and the north chapel the night of Oct. 15 and turned back on Oct. 17.