AAFES fuel prices rise in February

The U.S. Department of Energy reports gas prices in the United States have increased for the fifth week in a row. Crude oil prices topped $68 a barrel Friday and gasoline pump prices continue to rise as markets react to concern over unrest in Nigeria and the international standoff over Iran’s nuclear capabilities.  

According to DoE, the average price for regular unleaded fuel in the United States is still 48.3 cents a gallon higher than it was at the same time last year.

As a result, the February AAFES sell prices will reflect the following average increases per gallon, by grade:
Regular +$.109
Mid-grade + $.107
Premium + $.115
Diesel + $.009
AAFES’ gas policy, as approved by its military board of directors, is to set prices based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s monthly average for each grade of gasoline in the continental United States. In overseas locations, the unique incremental dispensing costs by country are added to the monthly average. These incremental costs include (where applicable) costs related to the gas coupon management program as well as labor costs, depreciation and other miscellaneous expenses associated with providing gasoline to military customers overseas.
Because AAFES has a dual mission to not only provide quality merchandise and services, but also to generate earnings to supplement appropriated funds for the support of Army and Air Force morale, welfare and recreation programs, AAFES, along with its military board of directors, worked diligently to craft a policy that accomplishes both objectives.
AAFES fuel prices in Germany, as established using the DoE average, for the month of February, will be as follows:
Unleaded – $ 2.463
Super Unleaded – $2.559
Super Plus Unleaded – $2.668
Diesel – $2.639