Voting assistance one call away

The Air Force Voting Assistance Program in the KMC is up and running. Unit Voting Assistance Officers at all levels and trained voting counselors are contacting military and civilian employees in every KMC Air Force organization. 

Anyone wanting to find their representative or those who want to ask a question about the program, can leave a message for Capt. Rob Kitchen or Capt. Heather Nelson, the Installation Voting Assistance Officers, at 480-VOTE (480-8683) or check the Ramstein Voter’s Assistance Corner at for more information and links to state voting information pages.
When is too late to apply for an absentee ballot?
 Most state laws require that a Federal Post Card Application used only to request a ballot (for an already registered voter) be received by election officials at least 30 days before election day. A local postmaster can give a good estimate of transit times but as a general rule of thumb, allow approximately 10 days for transit. When using the FPCA to register, it may take longer. The FPCA is a change-of-address card too.