Abs guy delivers six packs at Southside Fitness Center

Airman 1st Class Edward Drescher, Story and photos
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Toned abs are a big thing to Senior Airman Sean Goldstein, 735th Civil
Engineer Squadron, and he wants to share his knowledge of abs with
anyone willing to listen.

For eight years now, Goldstein has been working out and learning what it takes to have solid abs.

Now, he has taken all he has learned, put it into one class and is
sharing it with people twice a week at the Ramstein Southside Fitness
Goldstein said the idea for the class came to mind while he was
deployed to Qatar last year. He set it up just for something fun to do
downrange and said he received a huge turnout.

The turnout prompted him to continue the class once he returned from his deployment in January.

He pitched his idea to the Southside Fitness Center and now from 7 to
7:45 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Goldstein has a  section of
the gym designated for his class.

Anyone who plans to attend the class should be prepared for an intense workout, says Goldstein.

“The class is challenging, but you will see good results. Sometimes I
think I scare people off after the first class because it’s too
intense,” he said.
People attending the class maintain that continuing to show up is the key to getting results.

“Working on your own can only take you so far; this class will take you
past that point,” said John Mosley, who has attended the class more
than a dozen times.

In short Mosley said, “It lights you up!”
Whether it’s flurries of flutter kicks, leg lifts or V-ups there is always a variation of exercises in each class.

“I pretty much wing the whole class,” said Goldstein. “I have a little
foundation but try to keep it a little different every time; it’s more
fun that way.”

***image2***Goldstein’s time at the abs class is completely voluntary and he said
he enjoys volunteering, but he would like to have his own abs video one

“It’s one of those things – I just want to see if I could really do it.” he said
For more information on the abs class contact the Ramstein Southside
Fitness Center at 480-5491 or e-mail Goldstein at