Kingfish remain perfect

Tech. Sgt. Chris Lockwood
Contributing Writer

The Kingfish hosted the Stuttgart Piranha’s and the Wiesbaden Wahoo’s Sunday in Baumholder.

Overall, the meet was a great success as the Kingfish once again took an early lead and didn’t look back.

There was lots of enthusiasm and great sportsmanship displayed at the
meet. Many of the swimmers cut their times down and those who have not
yet qualified for the championships are seconds away from accomplishing
that feat. And with the final invitational meet months away it
shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s amazing how great the team comes together at the swim meets, with
different practice times and locations, you wouldn’t know any
different. The coaches push the swimmers hard and the swimmers respond
with great swim times.

The younger Kingfish swimmers show just as much heart and dedication as their older counterparts.

One younger Kingfish swimmer was overheard stating to her teammate; “I’m going to work harder so I can go to CHAMPS”.

The final point standings for last week’s meet was K-Town 556, Piranhas 294 and the Wahoo’s  55.  

The Kingfish will travel to Heidelberg for their next meet, Sunday.