AF recruiters’ favorite words: ‘Sign me up’

Master Sgt. John E. Lasky
Contributing writer

***image1***“So, I hear you want to join the Air Force,” said Staff Sgt. Chris
Perez a recruiter with the 314th Recruiting Squadron. “Great,” he said
after getting the reply he hoped to hear.

Two recruiters are assigned to Kapaun Air Station, a small air station
on top of a hill in southwestern Germany. At the desk across from
Sergeant Perez is Staff Sgt. Michael Asdel preparing paperwork for an

“Most recruits come in or call us about job possibilities in the Air
Force,” said Sergeant Perez, an L.A. native. “We really don’t have to
chase them down.”

These Air Force job counselors are tasked with assisting recruits to
sign up in Germany, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. Others are
stationed in Italy and England seeking future zoomies in their area of

“When I worked in the states it wasn’t the norm that a recruit might live 45 minutes away; here, it is,” said Sergeant Asdel.

“Once I received a call from Georgia, Russian Georgia that is, for
information about signing up. Another time a lady from France inquired
as well,” he added.

Here in Germany and the BENELUX, high schools are the primary reasons
for hitting the road along with other occasional college events or
fests on base.

“Sometimes just walking through the base exchange we will get stopped,
which is great, and answer some questions,” said Sergeant Asdel, who is
a security forces member by trade.

Sergeant Asdel said he has a passion for his work.

“I love recruiting,” he said. “I would recommend (being a recruiter), but as most jobs go, it’s definitely not for everybody.”

“Putting somebody in Air Force boots is always a positive impact,”
Sergeant Asdel said. “(The) biggest satisfaction is setting them up for
Sergeant Perez agreed.

“Knowing that you played a factor in building a foundation for their future gives me a great sense of satisfaction,” he said.