CFC supports nonprofit organizations

Monica Mendoza
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Around the KMC, federal civilian and military employees are hearing
about the 2005 Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas giving program, which
raises money for nonprofit organizations that provide health and human
services benefits.

Officials estimate that one in four federal employees or their family
members will get help from the more than 1,700 nonprofit organizations
supported by CFC, including family support and youth programs.

Capt. Evan East and his wife Christina, who are stationed at Ramstein,
are among the families who have benefited from charitable organizations
supported by CFC.

It was 1997 and Mrs. East was expecting twins. When she went into
premature labor at 21 weeks, she was flown by emergency helicopter from

Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., where the family was stationed, to a
larger hospital at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss.  Captain East
frantically took emergency leave and drove 226 miles through the night
with his two-year-old son Eran. Exhausted, he arrived at the hospital
to learn that the twins were given a 50 percent chance of survival. He
needed to stay close.
 A nurse recommended a CFC supported charity where families of
critically ill patients could stay for extended periods for a fraction
of the cost of the least expensive commercial hotel.

There, families are not burdened with hotel procedures and can focus on the family member who needs it most.

Captain East and Eran stayed for nearly two months.
“The staff was awesome, caring, compassionate and committed to serving those in need at difficult times,” Captain East said.
The twins, Caitlyn and Charleyna, were born at 31 weeks. It was a
trying time, the Easts said, but it was made easier with the help of a
special charity.

The CFC was officially launched in 1971 and is designed for the nearly
4 million federal employees to contribute to United States and
international nonprofit organizations. Last year, KMC employees raised
more than $1.1 million and more than $32,000 was designated back to
family support and youth programs right at their own installations.

To find a list of the charities supported by CFC, go to and to find out more about the CFC-Overseas
program, go to