AF requires Information Assurance training

The Air Force is returning to annual Information Assurance training for all network users. The training began in January and must be completed by Sept. 1.
All network users are required to accomplish the annual training. This training includes the USAF IA Awareness 2004 and Information Condition Computer Based Training modules.
Users are required to retake the training if they completed them before Jan. 1.
If training was completed between Jan.1 to May 5, this satisfies the requirement. The annual due date will be one year from the date of completion.
Users are encouraged to complete this training immediately. The Unit Information Assurance Managers can assist users with how to complete the training.
Training must be completed through the SmartForce Website, since all tracking and reporting is done on the site. This program allows the chain of command to track statistics of how many users have completed the training.
Users are also encouraged to give a printed copy to the Unit Information Assurance Manager, Deployment Manager and to keep one for their personal records.
The goal of the training is to ensure that users understand how to safeguard information systems.
“People need to know how to protect their systems against sabotage, tampering, denial of service attacks, espionage, fraud, misappropriation or misuse by protecting themselves correctly. It makes their job and mine easier,” said Airman 1st Class Robert Taylor, 735th Communications Squadron, wing information security manager.
Upon completion of the training, users should have a better understanding of the inherent weaknesses in the information systems and how to avoid potential harm to national security.
“Users should take necessary measures to protect any and all information generated, stored, processed, transferred or communicated. It’s essential that everyone recognize the vulnerabilities in our information systems,” said 2nd Lt. Shea Doolittle, officer in charge of Information Security, 735th CS.
Training can be completed at http://www. The Wing IA staff is also available to brief units in the KMC.
For more information, visit https://www. or call 480-5519.
(Courtesy of the Wing Information Assurance Office)