AF transitioning back to GS system

As the Air Force starts to transition back to the GS system, as mandated by the FY10 National Defense Authorizations Act, Ramstein’s appropriated fund civilian employees and their supervisors are encouraged to visit the Department of Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service NSPS Transition Web site at
What can you do to prepare for the transition?
• Sign up for NSPS Web alerts on the NSPS Web site so you receive routine updates.
• Bookmark the NSPS Web site and visit it often.
• Take GS101, a Web-based course on the NSPS Web site, covering the basics of the GS system.
• Read the transition-related guidance on the NSPS Web site.
NSPS has developed three Web-based courses that will assist in the preparation of a smooth transition. They include:
• GS-101 — uses four lessons to introduce the nuts and bolts of GS: classification architecture and salary structure, changing positions within the general schedule, performance management, and career development.
• Classifying positions under GS —  A primer for supervisors.
• Performance management —  A tool to achieve results.

Two new performance management guides have been created – one for supervisors and one for employees:
• Managing Employee Performance: A Guide for Supervisors.
• Managing My Performance: A Guide for Employees.
 The site also contains the NSPS transition simulator, transition guides, frequently asked questions, and many more features. For more information, contact the Ramstein Civilian Personnel Office NSPS Transition Team at 480-7906.

(Story courtesy of Christine L. Murray)