AFN Eagle means business

***image1***The Armed Forces Network, or AFN, Eagle is one-year-old. He first made his  appearance after Z100.2 radio station switched to the Eagle 100.2 and he became the official mascot of the Eagle 100.2 FM radio.

AFN Europe radio and television station accepts story ideas, keeps updated concert lists and a complete list of Eagle 100.2 FM radio schedules at

The Eagle is available for appearances, such as large events. E-mail requests, including date, time and type of event, to
The Eagle recently talked with the KA.

What did you want to be when you were a baby chick?
I knew from my mother’s first song that I had to be in the music industry.

In which country would you like to live?
The United States will always be home, but I love to travel.

Tell us one truth about yourself.
I can soar on thermal convection currents.

How do you feel about being called bald?
Like I said, I can soar on thermal convection currents. Can the people calling me bald soar on thermal convection currents?

What is your favorite music?
My music tastes are all over the place. For a good idea of what I like to listen to tune in to AFN the Eagle 100.2 FM.

What is never missing from your fridge?
Smoked salmon pâté.

What’s it like to be famous?
I don’t consider myself to be famous, more like locally accepted.

What is your favorite activity?
Badminton. Period.

What is your favorite saying?
“I Wanna Rock!”  That’s not mine. It’s Dee Snider’s.

If you could invite anyone, living or dead, to lunch, who would it be?  
Ben Franklin just so I could see the look on his face.

What would you like on your tombstone?  
Oh sweet … Um, pepperoni and sausage. Oh and anchovies!

What movie would you star in?  
I’m classically trained so I picture myself as more Broadway than