A&FRC sponsors class to help save money

by Elizabeth Kennedy
86th Force Support Squadron

The Ramstein Airman & Family Readiness Center is offering a new class for Airmen and families wanting to save money. The first Extreme Couponing “Military Style” class will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Wednesday in the A&FRC, Bldg. 2120. The concept for the class is taken from the extreme couponing show where people buy $200 worth of food for little or no cost.

Although those living overseas do not have the large selection of stores offered in the states, there are ways to cut expenses. Listed below are just four suggestions:

1. Use coupons six months after they expire. We can do that overseas.

2. Use coupons sent to us from other Americans who are showing their support by cutting and mailing them to us.

3. Save even more money with coupons whose dollar amounts are greater than the item they are for (sometimes a coupon will be for $5 off and the cost of an item is $4. You still get the full value of the coupon.).

4. Obtain coupons for toys, DVDs and more at the A&FRC.
The class will teach participants how to use coupons and not give up the products they love. A&FRC will also offer tips to better organize coupons and shopping lists.

So, whether you are a coupon extremist already, or new to the coupon shopping world, A&FRC can teach you how to save money. Plus, participants will receive many free coupons.

To sign up for the class or receive additional information, call 06371-47-5100 or 480-5100.