Air Force clarifies post-deployment time

by Staff Sgt. Monique Randolph
Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

***image1***The Air Force post-deployment stand-down policy allows Airmen returning from deployments and lengthy temporary duty assignments time off work for recuperation and reconstitution upon their return, said the deputy chief of staff of personnel recently at the Pentagon.

“Reconstitution involves all the activities – both official and unofficial – Airmen must complete before they return to work,” Lt. Gen. Roger A. Brady said.
“These activities include anything from filing travel vouchers or turning in equipment to getting household goods out of storage or registering a vehicle,” he said.

Currently, post-deployment stand-down time consists of a four-day special pass in which Airmen are allowed to leave the local area without being charged leave, and an additional 10 days of limited duty time in the local area, during which they must be available to report for duty if necessary.

A common misconception about post- deployment stand-down is that the rules should be different for single Airmen who must travel outside the local area to visit family versus married Airmen whose immediate families reside within the local area, General Brady said. Though Airmen are encouraged to spend time reconnecting with family, it is not the sole purpose of the program.

“Over time, the 10-day limited duty period has been mischaracterized as ‘family time’ or ‘nonchargeable leave,’ and that is simply not the intent.” General Brady said. “The limited duty schedule is not an entitlement. It is granted by commanders – based on operational needs – for the purpose of attending to official duties and personal matters.”

The stand-down policy dictates if Airmen wish to travel outside the local area, they may travel up to four days using the special pass, but they must return to the duty station to take additional stand-down time. Airmen who choose to spend more than the four-day pass period outside the local area must take chargeable leave.

“The Air Force policy is in compliance with Department of Defense instructions, and applies to all Airmen, whether single or married,” General Brady said. “We rely on our commanders and supervisors to relay the intent of the program to their people, and we encourage and trust them to grant returning Airmen this time when possible.”