Air Force undertakes forceshaping initiatives

Courtesy of 786th FSS Military Personnel Flight

The Air Force ended fiscal year 2012 with 159 Airmen over end strength and anticipates ending fiscal year 2013 at or marginally over end strength. The fiscal year 2014 budget requests active duty end strength at 327,600, which is a further reduction of 1,860 from fiscal year 2013 active duty authorized end strength. As a result, the Air Force is implementing the following voluntary force management programs.

For the enlisted force, waivers for active-duty service commitments, time-in-grade waivers, enlistment contract waivers and expanded Palace Chase transfers to the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve are available options.

For the officer corps, time-in-grade and active-duty service commitment waivers will be offered to eligible career fields.  New for this year will be an ADSC waiver of up to 12 months for Senior and Intermediate Developmental Education. Likewise, Palace Chase and the 10 to eight years of commissioned service waivers will continue to be offered.

The 786th Force Support Squadron’s Military Personnel Flight will be hosting town hall meetings to discuss the programs offered and answer questions regarding each of the programs.  The meetings will be in the Hercules Theater at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesday, and 2 p.m. Wednesday. If you are unable to attend the briefings and would like to learn more about these programs, you can visit the myPers website at and enter “Force Management” in the search window. You can also visit your local Military Personnel Flight Career Development Section in Bldg. 2106, Suite 312, on Ramstein. For questions, email