Air Forces Europe 2020: Defining the future

Maj. Carrie Omdal
U.S. Air Forces in Europe Office of Transformation

To guide U.S. Air Forces in Europe in preparing for the future, Gen. Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong, USAFE commander, created Air Forces Europe 2020.

“Our world is changing,” the general said. “As a command, we’re transforming to meet future challenges and increase our warfighting effectiveness. Air Forces Europe 2020 provides the framework.”

The fundamental principles of Air Forces Europe 2020 include: transforming doctrine, organization structure, basing and weapons systems to support U.S. and NATO strategic priorities; strengthening current, and forging new, alliances; maintaining air leadership in Europe and Africa; and sustaining agile and lethal expeditionary forces ready to respond decisively and defeat those that threaten peace and freedom.

“Every aspect of our transformation complements the initiatives by the Department of Defense, NATO, and the European Command,” said Brig. Gen. Rusty Findley, USAFE Plans and Programs director. “Our basing strategy, organization changes, theater security cooperation program and readiness initiatives are ensuring we can meet evolving threats and enhancing our international partnerships.”

To facilitate this successful transformation, the USAFE Office of Transformation is distributing the Air Forces Europe 2020 DVD, brochure, and tri-fold to the wings and geographically separated units.

“Every Airman contributes to the success of our transformation,” said Col. Mark Hinchman, Chief of the USAFE Office of Transformation. “As a command, we’re integrating these principles into our operational concepts, organizations, programs and processes to prepare us for the future. Supporting a synchronized strategy with EUCOM and the other components leverages our individual strengths and closes operational seams.”

It also helps us maintain our fighting edge, said General Foglesong.
“Air Forces Europe 2020 keeps us postured and ready to support our nation and sustain the United States Air Force as the most respected air and space force in the world,” he said.
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