Airlift wing commander takes on operations mission

Col. Rob Kane - 86th Airlift Wing commander

***image1***Yesterday we all participated in a historic event, the reorganization of Team Ramstein’s 86th Airlift Wing into two wings—the 86th Airlift Wing and the 435th Air Base Wing. I want to take a moment and offer my thanks and some thoughts as I transition from Vice Commander to Commander of the new 86th Airlift Wing.
First, in a word, thanks. Since my arrival in August, as the 86th Vice I’ve experienced first hand the professionalism, sacrifice and dedication of the warriors and families of Team Ramstein. I have never worked with a more committed group of people in my 23-year career—thank you for your spirit, courage and commitment to the profession of arms and the protection of freedoms we all hold so dear.
Second on behalf of myself and Chief Renee Starghill, I want to say that we are both humbled and honored by the opportunity to serve side by side with you, our brothers and sisters in arms, as Commander and Command Chief Master Sergeant of the newly formed 86th Airlift Wing. We’re committed to doing everything in our power to keep the wing focused on our core competencies, while ensuring everyone is a full member of the team and committed to the fight. We’ll do this by concentrating on fixing and flying airplanes; improving the speed, precision and lethality of our first-in base opening capabilities; and guaranteeing the most operationally-focused warfighter communication support possible. We will also do it by taking care of our people. We will focus on strong participation in the combat and special interest programs that enhance our ability to take care of the warriors and families in USAFE—most importantly we’ll take care of each other as a family.
We’ve got a unique opportunity to hone our wing’s warfighting skills—simply put a warrior’s dream come true! I encourage you to ask yourself everyday, “What am I going to do today to improve the combat capability of the United States Air Force”—and then go out and do it! The Chief and I’ll be leading the way! We’re going to work hard, and I expect you to play hard; we’ll do it with constant attention to safety and risk management, and at the end of the day we’ll look to do it with a healthy sense of humor.
Finally, I want to stress the absolute necessity of approaching everything we do with a sense of partnership and cooperation with the rest of Team Ramstein—this will truly be one team, one fight! Thanks again for all your hard work as part of the most respected and feared Air Force in history, I look forward to rubbing shoulders with you in the back shops, on the ramp and in the air. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and God Bless you as you go about the business of defending freedom!