AMC Space-A Web site helps combine

by Tech. Sgt. Michael Voss
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Space-available travel is one of the benefits of a military life. Each year, servicemembers active and Reserve, retirees and dependents use it as a viable option for commercial travel.

For many servicemembers throughout Europe, Space-A is not only a benefit, but their only way to travel back to the states to visit friends and family.
Space-A offers them a way to get from Ramstein to places like Baltimore, Md., Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. and McGuire Air Force Base, N.J. But until now, there was no consolidated location where users could get information about the process.

Although some Air Mobility Command terminals, such as Baltimore Washington International Airport, have toll-free numbers travelers can call to get flight arrival and departure times, AMC decided this was not enough and created a Web site specifically for Space-A travel.

Launched July 24, offers prospective Space-A travelers a wealth of information, including an updated AMC passenger terminal contact list (complete with phone, e-mail and Web links) and more than a dozen travel documents, example letters and brochures.

Trained passenger service agents at AMC terminals around the globe are standing by to assist. Though Ramstein travelers have had information available through the Web site, the new AMC travel site will enable them to view terminals throughout the world.

“I think the Web site will be helpful,” said Capt. Angelique Nelson, 17th Air Force. “Space-A is a great benefit, and without it we would not be able to travel to the states as often.”

Captain Nelson said she has saved more than $1,000 using Space-A over a commercial airline, even though it was a bit of a headache. And she is not alone; Ramstein’s 24-hour operation passenger terminal handles more than 286,000 passengers each year.

“This was a last minute flight. We walked over here a couple days ago, found out what flights were scheduled and then continued to check on them each day,” Captain Nelson said. “I did have to take a little time off of work to keep tabs on the schedule; a Web site that offers this information I could check from home or my office would be an improvement.”

Karin Sylvas, 721st Aerial Port Squadron passenger service agent, said they still get travel related questions, which they don’t mind answering, but they AMC site does have a considerable amount of information that can help clear things up for travelers.

Mrs. Sylvas said the new Web site will be a definite benefit for the first time travelers as well.

“This is my first time taking a Space-A flight,” said Makaila Berthram, a 15-year-old potential traveler heading to Baltimore. “I am a little nervous, but without this flight it would be very difficult to go back to the states.”

Travelers searching for up-to-the-minute AMC travel information are encouraged to contact their nearest AMC passenger terminal.

“There is a lot of information and the ability to not only get it in one central location but to be able to talk to a passenger service representative will help calm those first-time Space-A travel concerns,” Mrs. Sylvas said.

Prospective travelers through Ramstein looking for Space-A travel information can also check the Web site or call the 721st APS at 314-479-4440.