‘America Recycles Day’

Airman Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

KMC personnel are setting the example as green Americans as the rest of the country participates in ‘America Recycles Day’ Monday.

“In Germany everyday is recycle day, and America needs to see that,” said Capt. David Vanderburg, 435th Civil Engineer Squadron Environmental Flight chief.
The environmental flight will use the national publicity event to spread knowledge and tips about recycling in the KMC.

Captain Vanderburg will distribute 5,000 recycling pamphlets to the housing offices and at the Ramstein newcomer’s orientations.

“In general, many people don’t know or sometimes don’t care about what is recyclable; we want to change that,” he said. “Once you’re in the habit, recycling is easy.”

Recycling is not only required by Air Force Instruction, but is also the law in Germany.

“Members serving in Germany definitely need to be aware of recycling because of what it means to the German people,” said Captain Vanderburg. “We’re doing a better job of recycling here but there is room for improvement. People are still putting recyclables in the residual trash.”

Stores such as the “U-Fix-It” stores and the “Self Help” stores support recycling by giving out free bags to separate household recyclables and recycling bins for offices. Off-base residents can receive recycling bags and bins from their landlords or local Rathaus.

The recycling bags are to separate the different types of recyclables which are light fraction, paper and cardboard, and glass. Light fraction recyclables are plastics, metals, milk cartons, Styrofoam and wax paper. The amount residual trash should be the smaller than the recyclables.

“Recycling is an easy thing to do and the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices of the time it takes to do it,” said Captain Vanderburg. “So, let’s get out and promote this great cause.”

***image1***Tips for household recycling program
–Ask for paper grocery bags
–Set up three bags for glass, light fraction, paper and cardboard
–Determine schedule for taking recycling to curb bins or recycling centers
–Stick with the schedule or the plan will fail
–Educate everyone in the home about the schedule and what is recyclable

More tips
–Recycle glass products at the recycle centers or designated containers in housing areas.
–Remember that electronic scraps and hazardous waste, such as cleaners, paints, oil, spray cans and batteries, must be disposed of separately at the base recycling centers.
–Off-base residents are not allowed to dispose of their waste in base housing recycle/waste bins. These bins are sized according to each housing complex and simply cannot support additional waste. Placing waste beside the bin is littering.
–For additional recycling information, call the Ramstein Recycling Center at 480-4191 or the Sembach Recycling Center at 496-6392. Their hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.