Americans support host community, donation drive

Courtesy of the Atlantic Academy Kaiserslautern
Photo by Sarah Wagner Donated items get loaded into a transporting vehicle.
Photo by Sarah Wagner
Donated items get loaded into a transporting vehicle.

The Atlantic Academy in Kaiserslautern recently sponsored a two-month-long donation drive for refugees. Americans donated items such as clothing, bedding, household items, toys and more. About 30 members of the Junior ROTC, KMC Eagles Hockey Organization and the Kaiserslautern Chapter of the RuffRyders Germany helped organize, sort and pack the items at the Atlantic Academy.

“The donation drive has been an overwhelming success in the eyes of organizers, participants and the local recipients of the donations,” said Sarah Wagner, Atlantic Academy education manager. “Our staff distributed the packed items to various local institutions, which are tasked with supporting the increasing amount of incoming refugees.”

More than 100 large boxes and bags were taken to supporting organizations, stores for needy people and housing installations for refugees.

Additionally, Ramstein Inns provided household items including plates, pillows, blankets and glasses.

“Staff from the Ramstein Inns delivered the items in excellent condition to numerous institutions, which rely on volunteers and have limited capabilities to organize transports themselves,” Wagner said.

The donation drive was the kick-off event for the Atlantic Academy to further engage in talks with city officials to help institutionalize the American engagement and create more volunteer opportunities in the KMC in the future.

“Since donation offers still pour in, it will be important to pass out information in English to Americans and to facilitate the communication between Americans and local German institutions,” said Dr. David Sirakov, Atlantic Academy director. “I would like to emphasize that the donation drive has been a great show of support and solidarity from the Americans for their local host community, which currently is facing considerable challenges and appreciates every helping hand.”

For more information, contact the Academy at or find them on Facebook at Atlantische Akademie Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.