An addition to the Family — birth registry in Landstuhl

Courtesy of Registry Office Landstuhl
Photo by Tatyana Vyc/

Having a baby is an exciting time in the life of a young family. If your child is born in Germany, then there are a number of steps to keep in mind to ensure proper documentation and for the application of a passport.
The Registry Office (Standes-amt) in Landstuhl is responsible for documenting births and issuing German and international birth certificates for babies born in Landstuhl.
Documents can be sent beforehand per email, stating your telephone number and the number of desired birth certificates, and to arrange an appointment.
You can receive German and/or international certificates and if the child is born in the German hospital, you will require a copy of the birth register in order to apply for a passport for the child.

Contact data at the Registry Office Landstuhl:
Tel. 06371/83-123 Herr Marnet
Tel. 06371/83-223 Frau Herbst
Tel. 06371/83-422 Frau Thum
Tel. 06371/83-429 Frau Grün
Tel. 06371/83-121 Frau Gmeinwieser

In addition, all offices at the Union Community Landstuhl administration are open for business.
Please make sure to arrange an appointment to avoid long waiting periods.

Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung Landstuhl (General administration, traffic tickets)
Kaiserstraße 49
66849 Landstuhl
Tel. 06371/83-0

Standesamt Landstuhl (Registry Office)
Kirchenstraße 41
66949 Landstuhl
Tel. 06371/83-123, 83-422, 83-121, 83-223, 83-429

Verbandsgemeindewerke (City Works –water/waste water, gas, meter readings, final bill)
Bahnstraße 80
66849 Landstuhl
Tel. 06371/83-0

The following documents are needed after birth:

  • AE Reg 40-400b – Documentation of a delivery at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
  • If the child was born in the German Nardiniklinikum St. Johannis, the registry automatically receives a birth announcement
  • Birth certificates of both parents
  • Marriage certificate for married couples
  • Paternity acknowledgement for unmarried couples and, if available, a declaration of parental care
  • Passports of both parents
  • For different family names and/or different nationalities, we require a declaration regarding the (last) name of the child. The form can be requested at the Standesamt
  • The according form was/will be handed out to you at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and Nardiniklinikum St. Johannis.