An Airman’s perspective

by Airman 1st Class David T. Rost
1st Air and Space Communications Operations Squadron

The following is an “Airman’s Minute” from the 1st Air and Space Communications Operations Squadron commander’s call.

If I were the commander for a day and had to prevent DUIs and alcohol related incidents in the squadron, I would reemphasize the Armedforces Against Drunk Driving program.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of deaths in the United States involving drivers and motorcycle operators with any amount of alcohol in their blood was 17,602 in 2006.  Compare that with this number – 4,160.  That’s the number of personnel that have been killed during operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom since March of 2003.
The take away here is that in one year, more than four times as many Americans have been killed in alcohol-related incidents than have been killed in four years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As Airmen, we are wingmen, while deployed and at home. Who knows how many of those 17,602 people could have been saved if they had just called someone, a wingman, and not chosen to drive while under the influence of alcohol.  Maybe some of those people didn’t have a wingman. You do.

Whenever you plan on going out, have a plan. If the plan falls through, I want everyone to know that AADD is out there for you to use if you are out, have something to drink and are considering driving home. AADD should not be your primary plan, but if you’ve had a drink, don’t feel afraid to use it. The number for AADD can be found on all of your wingman cards. I would also highly encourage everyone to volunteer to work an AADD shift whenever you get the chance. You can e-mail the KMC AADD or call them at 489-2233.