Army Outdoor Recreation goes to Burg Frankenstein

Emily Reagan
Kaislautern American

On Halloween night, as witches, monkey men and wolverines roamed freely, an unsuspecting busload of Americans traveling with Army Outdoor Recreation, invaded Burg Frankenstein.
On the ride there, I psyched myself out just thinking of the lethal combination: scary demons and Frankenstein’s castle. I anticipated a typical American haunted house: when a masked human jumps out of a hiding spot, yells “Boo!” and I scream mainly because I am startled.

But the monsters at Burg Frankstenstein used a different approach in scare tactics – they tickled.

As they poked the soft spots between my ribs, I felt like I was trapped in a G-rated sequel to “Monsters, Inc.” I writhed away as they reached for my face, neck, ponytail and wrists. Sometimes they’d even spank with their props. It was playful, yet violating – I screamed for that reason.

There was more to the castle than the walk of scary monsters and tickles. There was a short skit with Frankenstein and his posse of monsters enacting Frankenstein’s creation and dancing to “Thriller,” elaborate lighting and props on the castle walls, and then all the festivities that come with German food and gluwein.
This Halloween Army Outdoor Recreation trip was convenient. I didn’t have to drive back late that night, decipher my road maps or worry about tickets. Instead I experienced something unconventional in terms of tourism: monster tickling.

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