Avid about learning
KAMS students hear lessons on life

Stephanie McFadden
Kaiserslautern American Middle School eighth-grade student

***image1***Kaiserslautern American Middle School  students in the Advancement Via Individual Determination program enjoyed the visit  by Brig. Gen. Michael Snodgrass Jan. 3.

General Snodgrass spoke to the seventh and eighth grade AVID students about his life and how important school is to their future.

Ever since he was in the third grade he dreamed of being a pilot, he said. In high school he had difficulty, but told the students, “It was hard work, but I never gave up.” General Snodgrass graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1978 and then completed pilot training. His dream of flying planes came true and he has been working in his dream job for over 27 years. “I am really lucky to get this job,” General Snodgrass said. He has flown at least seven different types of planes, many hours of which he flew in combat, particularly in Desert Storm. General Snodgrass currently works as the director of Plans and Programs at U.S. Air Forces in Europe.

In 2002 he was promoted to brigadier general and pinned on his star in February. General Snodgrass left the AVID students with some great advice: “Be the best you can be every day, take advantage of help that’s offered to you, work hard and never give up, have a good alarm clock, and nothing worthwhile is easy.”