Cooking with Class

***image1*** The Culinary Arts students at Ramstein American High School stood at attention as they welcomed Chef Kraus, the head cook at the Burgschänke Hotel/Restaurant in Hohenecken. The students were decked out in their chef attire and watched as Chef Kraus displayed all of the ingredients and supplies he needed to make three German dishes: 
Schupfnudeln (Potato Noodles), Kohlrouden and Griess Pudding. Chef Kraus called out directions immediately, with the students following them quickly and with great enthusiasm.

“Start peeling the potatoes,” he said. “Someone get a large pot and fill it with water. This is what fresh muskat (nutmeg) looks like.”

The students mashed, rolled, cut and fried the schupfnudeln. Student Amanda Kloeher triumphantly flipped at least a two dozen schupfnudeln all at one time in the frying pan. Chef Kraus modeled how to work with the cabbage in the Kohlrouladen. After the cabbage was boiled he showed them how to pull it apart and then discard the stoke of ***image2>right***each leaf.
All eyes were on Chef Kraus as he gave the directions for combining the ingredients for the meat portion. Student Sherice Saxon busily chopped the parsley while student James Armstrong participated in combining the remaining ingredients.

Mira Battista, the Culinary Arts teacher, said, “This was a wonderful experience for our students. I was very thankful for the generosity of the German chef who shared his knowledge and good tips that he incorporates daily in his kitchen.”  (Courtesy of Ramstein American High School)