Baseball and softball players with German heritage wanted

Baseball and softball players with German heritage wanted

The German Baseball and Softball Federation (DBV) is looking to add professional players or outstanding college players to its national team program – in order to strengthen the team and our program for the upcoming international tournaments:

  • Olympic Games
  • World Championships
  • European Championships

The requirement for participation for Team Germany in these tournaments is German citizenship, meaning the player needs to be a passport holder or become one until the last day before the tournament.

When does a player qualify for citizenship?

For players with German ancestry, as a general rule of thumb regarding the requirements for citizenship can be stated as follows:

A child with German parents will receive a passport:

– When the grandparents were German. The important aspect is the nationality of at least one grandparent at the time of the birth parent. If the grandparents were naturalized after their child was born, a passport is highly likely.

– For ancestry further removed, in general, the same principles apply.

The World Baseball Classic is an international tournament organized by Major League Baseball for national teams. But for this tournament players don’t need a German passport.

Players are eligible to be considered to play for the German team:

  1. If you have a German passport
  2. Or, if you don’t have a German passport, but you were born in Germany
  3. Or, one or both of your parents were born in Germany
  4. Or, one or both of your parents have a German passport
  5. Or, if you are a permanent resident of Germany

All ancestry needs to be documented and authenticated. The German Federation will gladly assist with the application process for any player interested in joining our program.

We appreciate your time and kindly request your permission to contact players who potentially could qualify for this. Please do not hesitate to contact Steve Janssen (Manager, German National Baseball Team) at if you would like more information.