Baseball, softball registration begins

Members can now register 5- to 18-year-old sluggers for the 435th Services Squadron Youth Programs baseball or softball season. Both sports offer age-specific leagues that focus on fun and learning.
Registration begins Monday and will continue for the season running April 5 through June 12.
The registration fee is $35 for children 5 to 8 and $45 for ages 9 to 18. Children must be at least 5 at the time of registration in the Youth Sports Program.
“Please note, it is mandatory you register in your school district. If you do not know your school district, check the Youth Services Web site,” said Mark Cobb, 435th SVS youth sports director.
Parents can register children online at or call Vogelweh at 489-7810; Ramstein at 480-5660; or Sembach Youth Sports at 496-6774. (Courtesy of 435th SVS)