Battalion celebrates birthday ‘in style’

Christine June, Story and photos
415th Base Support Battalion

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The Army Family Team Building turned 10 years old Thursday, and the 415th Base Support Battalion’s Army Community Service celebrated this birthday “in style.”

They hosted the “White Gloves and Combat Boots” Dec. 2 at the Armstrong Community Club that was announced as a fashion show, but was so much more.

“The Department of the Army AFTB asked us to do something unique and memorable on the local level,” said Kimberly J. Eng, the 415th BSB AFTB program coordinator. “Our volunteers decided to meld table circuits, a skit and a fashion show to illustrate in a humorous and educational way what AFTB is all about, which is enjoying life in the military.”

For 10 years, AFTB has provided a family training and readiness program providing participants with an understanding of Army culture and the skills and resources they need to become self-reliant, self-sufficient members of the military community. It does that by offering lifestyle enrichment classes.

***image5***“AFTB teaches all kinds of wonderful things you need to know in your everyday life as well as the things you need to know as a military spouse,” said Cindy Martin, who has attended all three levels of AFTB classes and is now in training to become an instructor.

Classes are divided into levels one, two and three to meet the needs of spouses as their Soldier or Airman goes up through the ranks.

***image5***“Since the KMC is a ‘purple’ community, the 415th BSB AFTB program has a unique opportunity to expand and work with Air Force agencies,” said Ms. Eng. “One of the goals of the KMC AFTB is to build a bridge with Air Force installation volunteer programs to ensure their volunteers have an opportunity to receive this great training.”

The KMC AFTB program has nine master trainers and 16 instructors who teach about 25 lifestyle enrichment classes a month.

“All AFTB instructors are volunteers,” said Ms. Eng. “For 10 years, these dedicated volunteers have been working faithfully and enthusiastically to reach all families in our military communities.”
Reaching the KMC was why 44 AFTB volunteers went all out with this birthday party.

The evening started with a Customs and Courtesies Table Circuit showing the audience a glimpse of nine tables informing the audience on topics ranging from table etiquette to Army and Air Force customs.

The “Basic Black Dress Skit” had the audience laughing at the common plight of Army spouses. The focal point was how the black dress was the common and necessary fashion piece for every Army spouse.

There was indeed a fashion show highlighting outfits from Army and Air Force Exchange Service and adding a unique twist, different classes of Army uniforms.
Those interested in taking AFTB classes can call Ms. Eng at 489-6638 or register online for distance learning at