Baumholder community readies for Buc Night

by Ingrid Sparks and Ignacio “Iggy” Rubalcava
Buc Night publicity and U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder Public Affairs

Buc Night celebrates its 22nd birthday May 3. That’s how many years the high school’s annual scholarship fundraiser has been helping seniors with their college expenses. All proceeds from Buc Night benefit high school seniors who elect to continue their education and who have already been accepted into an institution of higher learning such as a college or trade school.

Because the Rheinlander Community Club is being renovated, this year’s Buc Night will be held at the Hall of Champions beginning at 5 p.m.

For many of the seniors, the support from the Baumholder community is an important financial boost.

Buc Night is unique to Baumholder. No other military community in U.S. Army Europe has anything quite like Buc Night.
Buc Night is a fun-filled, carnival-like event for everybody with lots of food such as spiessbraten and brats, games, raffles for high ticket items like iPads, cake auction, home town basket auction, music and live performances.

The biggest source of the fundraising however comes from the baskets that are going to be auctioned off.

These baskets are created by the FRGs in the community and by other private organizations and merchants that support the Baumholder military.

The baskets are only baskets in name. These themed baskets often fetch upwards of $1,000 each at the live auction.
Examples of past themed baskets include: an antique schrank filled with porcelain; a kayak that was filled with all kinds of equipment that you need for kayaking; a baby crib filled with everything you need for a child’s nursery; a big tub full of 100 brands of beer; a barbecue grill with picnic bench and grilling accessories; a baker’s rack full of polish pottery; a Tuscany/Italian theme basket that included a bistro table, chairs and a wine hutch; and a wooden chest filled with board games for game night.

In past years, close to $30,000 has been raised for scholarships. Come and join the fun.