Castle turns into stage for jazz festival

Courtesy of Unnerhaus Culture Club

***image1***The Unnerhaus Culture Club sponsors its 10th Jazz Festival from July 20 to 22 at Nanstein Castle in Landstuhl. The organizing culture club welcomes everybody to join the event with traditional Dixieland to big band jazz and blues, and this time with a “Tribute to Ray Charles.”

Like in previous years, visitors from the surrounding communities and all of Germany and Southwest Europe are expected to find their way to Nanstein Castle.

“It is the most interesting event to bring people and cultures together with good music, talks, local specialties and beverages,” said Willi Ningelgen, member of the Unnerhaus Culture Club. “Our Jazz Festival is strongly supported by the county commissioner, the mayor of Landstuhl and the senior commanders of the KMC,” he added.

The festival kicks off at 8 p.m. July 20. Top act is the “Tribute to Ray Charles” with Uros Perich, the Joybells Chorus and the Ray Charles Groove Orchestra. Blues jazz with Al Jones, Albert Koch and the local Uptown Shufflers continues in between until midnight.   

The event starts at 4 p.m. July 21 with a jazz band parade, including “Ede’s Chicken Snack,” a Dutch jazz and rhythm group, the renowned Louisiana All-Stars and the Dixielanders.

The highlight for the night will be the Swinging Fireballs, which is known as one of the best European Swing Jazz Orchestras on tour. A jam session involving all bands of the day will takes place around 11 p.m. The Jazz Festival continues until 1 a.m. Sunday. 

Another jazz band parade involving the Dixielanders and Chicken Snack starts festivities at 11 a.m. July 22. It will be followed by a top act of European Gypsy Jazz presented by the Romeo Franz Quartett. The final highlight is presented by the Unnerhaus Jazz Band featuring the singer Peter Petrell and the famous drummer Trevor Richards from New Orleans. The festival terminates at 7 p.m.

A very special presentation will be given each day by the Pneuphonikers from Köln. It is the first mechanically operated Jazz Sousaphonorchestra of the world and for the first time on tour in Germany. 

Tickets are available at the entrance to the castle or in advance at the health food store Hackler in Landstuhl, phone 06371-71549, or the bookstore Böhm in Landstuhl, phone 06371-2742. Ticket prices for single days are cheaper when bought or ordered in advance and range from €18 (July 20) to €22 (July 21). The regular entrance fee for July 22 is €9 in advance and €13 at the door. A festival ticket for all three days is available for €42 in advance, and €50 at the door. Children under 12 are admitted free.