Civil Engineers’ Corner

KMC litter patrol
In an effort to meet fiscal reduction goals, KMC members must police themselves and others in order to keep the KMC looking its best. This includes work locations as well as KMC community areas like the BX and sports fields.

Change of traffic pattern on Ramstein
Starting Monday, a new water line will be installed on Jefferson Avenue, between the youth center and Illinois Boulevard. During this time, traffic will be routed one way in the direction of Illinois Boulevard. Completion is projected for end of May. For details, call 480-9043.

KMC smoke detector policy
Housing occupants may not disable smoke detection systems in their quarters for any reason. If you have problems with the detectors, immediately contact housing maintenance at 0631-534-830. If the problems persist after the contractor performs maintenance, occupants may contact the Housing Office at 489-7108 or 0631-536-6029.