Civil Engineer’s Corner

Trash disposal rules

Improper disposal of trash and recyclables continues to be a major
problem in base housing.  Items must be placed inside the dumpster
and the lids must be kept closed to prevent fly infestation. 
Children who are not tall enough to reach and secure the dumpster lids
should not dispose of trash.     
The 435th Air Base Wing policy prohibits personnel living off base from
using housing area dumpsters. Parked cars prevent the trash contractor
from emptying the dumpsters, which leads to unsavory trash build-up.
Recycling in Germany is mandatory and the base must also comply with
these recycling rules.  Information on proper recycling is
provided in the housing brochure and can also be obtained from the
housing office or village city halls.  Be part of the team and
keep our – on and off base – housing areas clean.