Combat Exit reduces some outprocessing requirements

Maj. Rickey Harrington
U.S. Air Forces in Europe
Force Management Branch chief

***image1***Every U.S. Air Forces in Europe base implemented Combat Exit and Virtual Outprocessing initiatives that made tremendous strides to streamline outprocessing requirements.
“Virtual” does not mean that everything can be done from the comfort of home. Through Combat Exit and VOP, multiple stops to agencies that you’ve had no interaction with will be accomplished without you physically visiting the agency.
The Virtual Outprocessing program is simply a database managed by the Miliary Personnel Flight relocations section allowing base agencies to identify only those personnel needed to be seen before leaving the base for a Permanent Change of Station, separation or retirement. The VOP program benefits both the member and the agency by reducing outprocessing workload.
In fact, the average number of agencies the typical member will visit for outprocessing will drop 60 percent or more with the implementation of the program. One base has already reported an initial reduction from 30 stops to less than 10.
Although the program eliminates unnecessary stops, it may not eliminate the requirement to physically go to certain agencies such as the hospital for members going on consecutive overseas tours for physicals, the Transportation Management Office to schedule flight departure and household goods pickup, vehicle deregistration and shipping, chemical gear turn in, or housing, to name a few.
At this point, there’s just no getting around visiting some agencies on base to ensure all of your personal affairs are in order prior to moving.
Even though outprocessing is not yet totally “virtual,” Combat Exit and VOP has made significant improvements.
Furthermore, as people outprocess, they should take the time to complete the Combat Exit customer survey to let them know if there are other items to incorporate into this initiative to enhance the outprocessing experience.