Shipping wine is reimbursable

Although alcoholic beverages cannot be included in household goods shipments, the government authorizes reimbursement for personally procured transportation of alcohol.

The weight of the alcohol shipment will count against servicemembers’ maximum weight allowance. Individuals will be reimbursed for packing, pickup, transportation, port handling, delivery and unpacking of alcoholic beverages. People will not be reimbursed for insurance, expedited modes, specialized cooling containers, duties and taxes.

The most economical means of shipment should be arranged, which is normally surface transportation. Air shipments can only be reimbursed if the company certifies with an itemized cost comparison noting that air shipment is the most economical meathod of shipment. If you elect to ship to another location, bring a cost comparison from the shipping firm.

For reimbursement, people are required to obtain:

• Shipping estimates from two commercial shipping companies for surface transportation

• Three copies of the itemized invoice with all costs from a selected shipping firm

• Three copies of the weight certificate

• Four copies of orders

Individuals must provide two shipping estimates from designated shipping companies, failure to do may lead to excess costs. Itemized inventories must include the name of the authorized member, not a spouse or authorized representative.

Upon completion of the shipping arrangements and payment to the commercial shipping firm, submit the documents to Traffic Management Office Outbound. TMO will provide a reimbursement letter within 48 hours. Submit the reimbursement letter with DD Form 1351-2, Travel Voucher, to the Ramstein Finance Office. Failure to file can significantly delay reimbursement.

For more information, call TMO Outbound at 480-5509/2163.