Combat Proud continues

by Senior Airman Kerry Solan-Johnson
Kaiserslautern American

Combat Proud is an initiative designed to promote quality of life and productivity by improving the appearance of KMC bases.

Since the program began in August 2003, civil engineers and entire
community focused significant effort toward Combat Proud goals,
compiling an impressive list of accomplishments.

“We want to thank folks for their efforts to date and also keep
encouraging them to adopt an ethic of cleanliness and appearance – a
good-looking base, organization or airplane is typically a well-running
base, organization or airplane,” said Col. Roderick Zastrow, 435th Air
Base Wing vice commander.

The efforts of Team Ramstein have changed the face of KMC installations
– the result of a rotating Combat Proud team of 30 people from
different agencies, who handle base appearance actions.

“Our installation continues to shine as the jewel of U.S. Air Forces in
Europe. This goal was achieved by the hard working men and women of
Team Ramstein and is noted time and time again from all levels of Air
Force leadership,” said Chief Master Sgt. Dale Buckholtz, 435th ABW
command chief.
Units from the KMC took pride in their own facilities and surrounding areas by accomplishing clean-up and self-help projects.

“Combat Proud leads to combat readiness, effectiveness, and
pride…(it’s) hard to argue those results,” said Colonel Zastrow.
Despite the leaps and bounds made by Combat Proud, leaders don’t want
individuals to let up on the effort put forth so far.

“I would ask each person that lives or works on Ramstein to continue
the efforts towards keeping the base a show case. The more oars we have
in the water, the easier it is for everyone,” said Chief Buckholtz.