Commander’s Action Line

Everyday I come onto base through the West Gate, I notice the marquee displaying percentages with abbreviations. I assume that it has something to do with flying operations. Can we have an explanation for those of us that are non-flight line personnel?

Thanks for your inquiry into our Combat Flightline sortie board. This marquee was put in place to support the U.S. Air Forces in Europe commander’s initiative to ensure the best people and right resources are applied to our flying operations.
The data displayed provides the base populace a picture of how effectively we’re doing that. Your question gives me an opportunity to expound on how you and folks like you have a stake in our success.
As you drive by the board, you’ll notice one key indicator we provide for public view is our MC or Mission Capable rates. We provide this data on two types of aircraft; C-130s for local training missions, operational support missions and inter-theater airlift missions and our Operational Support Aircraft made up of C-20, C-21 and C-37 aircraft primarily slated for Distinguished Visitor transport. This rate provides maintenance units their best gauge on performance, but also speaks to how the base as a whole is supporting the Airlift Wing’s mission.
The MC rate is a broad indicator of many processes and metrics that takes into account variables like parts availability, job prioritization, transportation asset accessibility and the availability of qualified technicians to name a few. Without the right parts delivered on time by supply, a strong communications infrastructure to utilize on and around the flight line, tow carts and parts trucks or enough qualified technicians, this indicator lags invoking leadership intervention to right the wrong.
So, a high MC rate is indicative of a strong team effort across both wings and shows that success within each unit is influencing success of the flying mission. (For more information, see Mission Capable Rates in above article.)