Commander’s Action Line

Recently I was at the skating rink on Vogelweh. While skating one of the children skated into me, which caused both her and I to fall. Although the young child was okay, I was slightly injured.
After I was finally able to walk, I realized that our fall could have been more serious if either of us had hit our heads on the pavement. After the incident, I realized that none of the children or skaters are required to wear helmets to protect themselves. Although I am an adult, my injury could have been worse. I think that everyone should have to wear helmets to protect them from a head injury if they should suddenly fall. This is required with bicycling and should be required with skating.

I appreciate your concern for the safety of skating rink participants. Because the risk of injury while skating inside is considerably less than skating outside, due in part to safer skating conditions and a monitored environment, wearing safety gear is optional. This practice is consistent with industry standards.
However, the Skate Express staff recently purchased protective equipment and will make it available to all customers on a checkout basis. This allows our families to determine the safety gear suitable for their ages and abilities. Higher risk activities such as roller hockey will continue to require the use of helmets and other protective equipment.