Commander’s Action Line

I live on Ramstein base housing, and I requested a work order from the housing office for repainting our stairwells in our building. The stairwells are in bad condition; they have black markings and dirt on the wall from the bottom to the top floors. When I called the housing office, my request was denied because the building is on the list of those being torn down in 2006. I was told that not even a self-help project will be permitted for this building. That means housing will not send a painter nor provide the paint for the occupants to repaint those stairwells themselves.
On the same day that I called housing, painters came to repaint the outside of our building.
 My question is why is money being spent on making the outside of those buildings that are scheduled to be demolished look pretty and clean while the inside stairwells tell another story? These families should be given a clean living condition inside the house as well as outside of their building. “Combat Proud” should not only apply to the outside of buildings!

Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention. Combat Proud is an important tool to bring appearance standards to everyone’s attention and to provide a means to improve the appearance of both the interior and exterior of our housing facilities.

We are currently painting the exterior of housing while the weather is favorable. We have additional projects on contract to spruce up building interior areas such as stairwells and basements, and your building is on the list. Unfortunately, the housing employee you talked to was unaware of the projects and did not give you the correct information.

The KMC housing office will ensure that all staff are made aware of the planned projects. The housing office will also make paint and supplies available to those residents who want to improve the common areas of their buildings. The building leader is normally the point of contact for self-help projects for common areas in housing, but members can also contact a housing facilities section inspector at 489-7108 to request a maintenance survey of their facility.