Government owned vehicles for official use

Master Sgt. Timothy D. Glenn
435th Logistics Readiness Squadron

As with all other resources provided by the Air Force, vehicles are provided for a specific purpose and should only be used in direct support of military duties.

According to AFI 24-301, Chapter 2, personnel must “restrict the use of all DOD motor vehicles, including those rented or leased, to official purposes only, that is, uses that would further the mission of the Air Force. Providing a government vehicle solely or even principally to enhance the comfort or convenience of the member(s) is not permitted.”

While a small amount of vehicles do have written waivers giving limited exceptions (i.e., security forces personnel can visit base dining venues while on duty), the large majority of Air Force procured vehicles cannot be taken to lunch, on personal errands, to personal residences or to other locations not required for the member’s duties.

The result of misusing government vehicles is unnecessary mileage resulting in increased maintenance/fuel costs and shorter life span of the vehicle.

For questions on official use determinations, call the vehicle control officer or VCNCO for clarification or operator’s records and licensing at 480-5534/2394.